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Picture Hanging :: Cornice Picture Hanging
 Cornice Picture Hanging
A clever solution using traditional Cornice Moulding and modern picture hanging techniques

Installation Guide (.PDF)
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  • Suspended Ceiling System
  •     Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
     "Basic" Cornice 2m   "Basic" Cornice 2m   11.99  Buy Now 
     Self Locking Captain Hook 40kg (88lbs) Heavy Duty   Self Locking Captain Hook 40kg (88lbs) Heavy Duty   4.99  Buy Now 
     "Modern" Cornice 2m   "Modern" Cornice 2m   19.99  Buy Now 
     "Classic" Cornice 2m   "Classic" Cornice 2m   29.99  Buy Now 
     Cornice-rail 2m   Cornice-rail 2m   19.99  Buy Now 
     Clip Rail, white 2m (6ft 6")   Clip Rail, white 2m (6ft 6")   10.99  Buy Now 
     Clip Rail, white 3m (9ft 10")   Clip Rail, white 3m (9ft 10")   15.99  Buy Now 
     Clip Rail, Mounting Clip Nylon   Clip Rail, Mounting Clip Nylon   0.18  Buy Now 
     Screw Standard   Screw Standard   0.06  Buy Now 
     Wall Plug Standard   Wall Plug Standard   0.04  Buy Now 
     Plug Plasterboard Wall   Plug Plasterboard Wall   0.12  Buy Now 
     Clip Rail, straight connector   Clip Rail, straight connector   1.35  Buy Now 
     Clip Rail, corner connector white   Clip Rail, corner connector white   2.43  Buy Now 
     Clip Rail, End Piece White   Clip Rail, End Piece White   1.44  Buy Now 
     Cobra Anchor + Perlon 2mm Cord   Cobra Anchor + Perlon 2mm Cord   2.25  Buy Now 
     Cobra Anchor + Steel 1.5mm Cable   Cobra Anchor + Steel 1.5mm Cable   4.20  Buy Now 
     Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs)   Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs)   3.49  Buy Now 
     Self-locking Cable Hook (15kg)   Self-locking Cable Hook (15kg)   3.49  Buy Now 
     Mini Hook 7kg (15lbs)   Mini Hook 7kg (15lbs)   1.09  Buy Now 
     Smart Spring Hook 2kg (4lbs)   Smart Spring Hook 2kg (4lbs)   1.19  Buy Now 
     Cylinder Hook 7kg (15lbs)   Cylinder Hook 7kg (15lbs)   1.69  Buy Now 
     Self-locking Hook 10 kg (22lbs)   Self-locking Hook 10 kg (22lbs)   2.60  Buy Now 
     Cable Hook   Cable Hook   3.28  Buy Now 
     Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs)   Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs)   4.99  Buy Now 
     Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs) Security Edition   Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs) Security Edition   5.99  Buy Now 
     Security-Screw Hook 15kg (30lbs)   Security-Screw Hook 15kg (30lbs)   5.99  Buy Now 
     Rug Clamp   Rug Clamp   5.99  Buy Now 
     Suspended Paper-rail, 0.5m (50cm)   Suspended Paper-rail, 0.5m (50cm)   39.99  Buy Now 
     Suspended Paper-rail, 1m (100cm)   Suspended Paper-rail, 1m (100cm)   49.99  Buy Now 
     Suspended Paper-rail, 2m (200cm)   Suspended Paper-rail, 2m (200cm)   69.99  Buy Now 
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    <b>Security Hood</b> for Hanging Rods, black
    Security Hood for Hanging Rods, black
    01.Smart Spring Hook 2kg (4lbs)
    02.Clip Rail, Mounting Clip Nylon
    03.Cylinder Hook 7kg (15lbs)
    04.Screw Standard
    05.Mini Hook 7kg (15lbs)
    06.Wall Plug Standard
    07.Self-locking Hook 10 kg (22lbs)
    08.Cobra Anchor + Perlon 2mm Cord
    09.Plug Plasterboard Wall
    10.Cable Hook

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