Light Pockets are an extremely attractive and effective way of illuminating your posters, signs and graphics.
This display Kit consists of; 1 LED 'Single Sided' LightPocket, 2 Ceiling to Floor cables with fittings, 4 Panel Supports and 1 Transformer. This is a low voltage system. Pockets are available in Portrait & Landscape.

Benefits of using an LED Light Pocket Systems:

• Super-slim display - the width of a light pocket is only 14mm thick, so can be easily incorporated into any window or interior without intruding on lots of floor space.

• Appearance - These illuminated poster displays have a very upmarket appearance. The Light Pocket itself has an edge lit glow that draws the eye from a distance to the illuminated display.

• Expert Lighting - The LED lighting produces an even spread of light, faithfully illuminating your posters/graphics.

• Energy efficient & economical - LED lighting uses only a fraction of electricity compared with other lighting systems.

• Easy to change graphics - Graphics can be changed within seconds.

Note: This lighting system works well with back lit inkjet prints!

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